Marta Dynel



Since 2022: Professor (Full), Faculty of Philology, Łódź University, Poland

Since 2020: Senior Research Fellow, Department of Creative Communication, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania


Since 2016: LINGUA Editor-in-Chief Website

Since 2011: Topics in Humor Research, John Benjamins Series Associate Editor. Book series


Since 2022: Creativity Studies Editorial Board Member. Website

Since 2022: Language@Internet Editorial Board Member. Website

Since 2020: Contrastive Pragmatics Editorial Board Member. Website

Since 2018: Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict Editorial Board Member. Website

Since 2018: Advancing (Im)Politeness Studies, Springer Series Advisory Board Member. Website

Since 2016: Journal of Pragmatics Editorial Board Member. Website

Since 2012: The European Journal of Humour Research Editorial Board Member. Website

Since 2012: International Studies in Humour Editorial Board Member.

Since 2011: Israeli Journal of Humor Research: An International Journal Advisory Board Member. Website


Since 2013: Reviewer of book proposals for: John Benjamins, Palgrave, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press

Since 2008: Reviewer for international journals (including: Lodz Papers in Pragmatics, International Review of Pragmatics, Language and Linguistics Compass, English for Specific Purposes, Intercultural Pragmatics, Communicative Theory, Journal of Media and Communication Studies, Journal of Pragmatics, Belgian Journal of Linguistics, HUMOR, Discourse Processes, Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict, Journal of Politeness, Language & Communication, Language Sciences, Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics, Text & Talk, Pragmatics & Cognition, Pragmatics, Discourse, Context & Media, Studia Anglica Posnaniensia, Mind & Language, topiCS in Cognitive Science, International Journal of Business Communication, Pragmatics & Society, International Journal of Communication, Narrative Inquiry, Australian Journal of Linguistics, Language@Internet, Internet Pragmatics, Multilingua, Journal of Sociolinguistics, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Synthese, Visual Communication, Language & Literature, Sage Open, Information Communication & Society, New Media & Society)

Research grants

2019 – 2023: FUNGRESSION: Humour and impoliteness on social media, NCN grant 2018/30/E/HS2/00644
2016 – 2018: Irony and deception: Overt and covert untruthfulness from the perspective of pragmatics and the philosophy of language, MNiSW grant
2012 – 2016: Participation in Wpływ jakościowych cech informacji finansowych na zachowanie inwestorów, Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego, NCN grant 168619

Current research Interests

  • Neo-Gricean pragmatics

  • Humour studies

  • Philosophy of deception

  • Pragmatics of irony

  • Pragmatics of interaction

  • Film discourse (methodology of research)

  • (Im)politeness studies

  • Pragmatics of new media